Washington Lemon Lawyer

This Week’s Successes

A client on the west side of the State of Washington bought a 2006 pre-owned RAM 1500 truck a few months ago.  The day after, it stopped working.  He took it in to an independent mechanic and was floored when he learned that it required $7,000.00 of repairs to get it running again.  He had just spent his last cash acquiring the vehicle and had no where to turn.


And then he found us.  We were able to take his case on a contingency, with no money down.  Within a few weeks, we recovered his repair costs for him, additional monies for inconvenience and loss of use of the vehicle, and payment of our attorney’s fees and costs (so he owed us nothing).  More importantly, the dealer recognized their mistake and made it right.


To many lawyers, these individual cases aren’t worth their time.  But we recognize that the purchase of a vehicle is most people’s second largest purchase in their lifetime – second only to a mortgage.  Folks who cannot afford a lawyer, we have found, are most likely to be taken advantage of by sly used car dealers.  More importantly, we like seeking justice for the little guy – it’s just what we do.


If you’ve been taken advantage of or purchased a lemon vehicle and you want to speak to a lawyer, reach out to us.  All consultations are free and confidential.  We can’t tell you what your rights are until you ask.