Washington Lemon Lawyer


Past results are not indicative or a guarantee of future results.  All results are case specific.  If you would like to speak with us regarding your defective car, truck, trailer, RV, or boat, feel free to contact us by calling (509) 381-5091, e-mailing us at mack@bmayolaw.com, or using our secure contact form.


  • “Bad car, Excellent Lawyer!  Mack is the BEST!”:  “I had an issue with a dealership selling me a vehicle with multiple problems. First thing I did was call Mack. He answered all my questions, gave me valuable information, and provided excellent advice. For some reason I was a bit scared to hire an attorney, but he made me feel comfortable and was more than helpful. He worked very hard and was there to answer any concern or question I had. It was a difficult journey for the both of us, but he made the process easy. I’m happy to no longer battle with costs to repair a car I just bought. I no longer have a broken down car and now have a nice new vehicle that WORKS! This could not have happened without Mack and his persistence. He protected my consumer rights and I learned a lot along the way. He was amazing!! Don’t hesitate to hire him.” –Angie, King County, Washington


  • “MVA”:  “Our case was not an easy case. After being turned down by multiple attorneys who were not brave enough to take on our case we then found Mack Mayo. He studied every aspect of our difficult and taxing case to end in a victory. He made us feel that we were important and gave us the hope that we had been looking for. Now, because of Mack Mayo, we will be able to move on with our lives and put this horrible time behind us.” –Samantha & Michael, Central Washington


  • “Amazing results with a sense of urgency!!!”:  “I bought bought car from a car lot here in Spokane, a month or 2 after buying it, I noticed it had a salvaged title sticker on the door sill, the car lot never disclosed the fact that this car has previously been totalled. I then ran into some tough times and the vehicle was repoed. I called Mack Mayo and he informed me that I definitely had a case and to bring all of the paperwork for the car to his office. Over the course of a month and a half or so, with Mack staying in close contact, he was able to get the car lot to forfeit out of court. Everything was as he said it would be and Mack made me feel very comfortable and informed throughout the whole process. Thanks Mack!!!” – Ryan, Spokane, Washington


  • “On My Side.”:  “I bought a used truck, only to have it start having issues on the 2 hour drive home. I immediately contacted the dealer, who would never step up to the plate to assure me they would fix the issues. I began my search to find an alternative. It was no fun being in the position to need a lawyer, but I am forever grateful that I had Mack on my side. He made the process bearable. I appreciated his time, patience and expertise. The process took about 2 months, but I got out of a bad truck!! I would recommend him without hesitation.” – Mary, Yakima, Washington


  • “Great communication with the best outcome possible.”:  “Mack was great in pursuing my breach of contract case against a large service provider. He got me WELL above the initial offering they provided to me (prior to hiring Mack). His communication was impeccable and he was diligent in getting me the best possible outcome.” – Danielle, Seattle, Washington


  • “Great quick resolution”:  Purchased a used truck with an extended warranty. Warranty company refused to pay as they deemed issues pre-existing. Truck ended up having a ton of issues and spent over a month at the shop for some very costly repairs. Mr. Mayo was able to assist without any money down and get a quick settlement with dealership for selling an unsafe/unreliable vehicle. Hoping this never happens to anyone but would recommend his services if it does!” – Richard N., Kirkland, Washington


  • Great lawyer, great person.“:  “Boyd (Mack) Mayo got a fair settlement for me at a time when I thought it couldn’t be done. He kept me informed at all times and responded to all my questions. He is a very special person and a great lawyer. He will do his very best for you from start to finish. It was a difficult lemon law case that I couldn’t afford to lose. He is the best you can hope for.” – Bill E., Spokane Valley, Washington


  • “Thank you, Mack!”:  “When my husband and I learned that our car was a lemon with the constant issues with the transmission we knew we needed help. We had recently moved to Wisconsin when the car began to give us more issues. We were told that we would need to find a lawyer in Washington since this is where we bought the car. We became very nervous with trying to find someone to represent our case without even meeting them. We made several phone calls to different law firms but Mack;s law firm really stood out to us. Mack was very kind and willing to take a look at our case and got back to us almost immediately. This case has been pretty tedious and a headache but Mack has been a blessing. He is always getting back to us in a timely matter and answers any questions we may have immediately. I am so grateful for Mack and all his hard work that we were able to have our case settled for more than we ever would have expected. THANK YOU MACK!” – Ashley & Mikale, Spencer, Wisconsin


  • Mr. Mayo – Truly Excellent:  “Mr. Mayo was absolutely amazing! Before hiring him we were fairly certain we were stuck with an expensive driveway decoration. He was not only effective in getting the dealership to pay for the repair or the broken truck they sold us, he was also very efficient in handling it.  Mr. Mayo was an absolutely pleasure to work with! We’re so pleased we had the opportunity to work with such an admirable man during such an unfortunate situation.” – Chad & Casey, Great Falls, Montana


  • Great Lawyer:  “Mr. Mayo was extremely helpful for me. I had purchased a new car last summer and had nothing but problems with it beginning 2 months after I bought it. All of my time was spent at the dealers with them trying to fix the same problems time after time.  I did not know what else to do until I talked with Mr. Mayo. He looked at all of my documentation of the repairs made to my vehicle and discussed with me how he could proceed with getting my situation resolved.  He know what he was doing and did not hesitate. It took only 2 days to resolve my case.  I am very grateful for all the help and guidance that he gave me during this situation. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone needing help with problem vehicles.” – Chong, Spokane, Washington


  • He Will Help the Little Guy!:  “I was a victim of consumer fraud.  Mack took my case no money down, as I was already out $5,100.00.  He handled the case very well, and I was able to recover a settlement.  If l had to hire an attorney, I don’t think I would have been able to afford it at the time.  It’s nice to see you can still find help these days without someone trying to gouge you upfront for something that might not pan out.” – Richard, Wheeling, West Virginia


  • Excellent Lawyer!:  Mack is a stand up guy, he gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Communication between Mack and I was outstanding. He answered my emails in a timely matter. Our emails were very informative, always keeping me in the loop of what was going on.  My girlfriend and I realized we made a big mistake purchasing a truck at 18 years old, Mack was able to reverse our mistake. Thanks to him I won’t be in debt until I’m 25. Thank you, Mack, for everything you did for me. I will recommend you to everyone.” – Cordell, Spokane Valley, Washington


  • The Best In the Business!:  “I would recommend Mack to anyone trying to get the manufacturer to buy their car back. In November 2015, we purchased a brand new 2016 luxury SUV.  Almost immediately we had issues with the vehicle not operating as designed. After a couple of months attempting to resolve the issues with service and the dealer it seemed we were at an impasse. The manufacturer agreed the vehicle was determined to have issues that were currently unable to be rectified and as such we demanded the dealer to buy the vehicle back under the Washington State Lemon Law.  Typically, you would tink this is a simple task. Talk to the dealer, work through a few things and everyone goes on the merry way. This was not the case. The dealer immediately turned the situation over to the manufacturer who then fought tooth and nail trying to stop the process from happening.  If it was not for Mack I have no idea what I would have done. Some days I was so stressed, angry, upset or depressed from dealing with the parties involved I felt like the situation was never going to get resolved. Mack was always there to listen to me vent and rant and assured me he would get thing handled and justice would be served.  In the end, he did exactly what he promised. The manufacturer took the vehicle back, closed out the remaining loan balance and allowed me to move on with my life. No more stress and thankfully no more frustration!  I looked high and low for the best of the best when needing to retain legal counsel and Mack consistently came up in all of my searchings. I could not have been happier with the outcome and I can tell you he is not just someone practicing law because it’s a job, he loves what he does and cares about his clients. He is a stand-up guy!  Mack, thanks for everything you have done for me. I appreciate it more than you can ever imagine. We won! Finally, the little guy wins! I could not have done any of it without you.”  N.G., Seattle, Washington


  • He Gives Lawyers a Good Name.  “Firstly, I must state that I am not from the USA, but I had an issue with an expensive item I bought from Spokane and had sent to me. I Googled for lawyers in Washington and emailed several stating the issue and asking if they would be willing to assist me. Boyd was the only one to ever get back to me, and he did so promptly.  As I wasn’t fully familiar with the legal system in the USA he took the time to thoroughly explain my options to me. I then decided it was worth pursuing my case and I was very impressed with Boyd’s thoroughness, confidence and speed in dealing with everything. And the outcome was better than what I expected. If you aren’t sure about hiring a lawyer I suggest you at least talk to Boyd. I have no doubt he will put your mind at ease. His knowledge of the Washington legal system was encyclopedic and the service was impeccable. Even though we won our case, my review would still of been the same if we’d lost.” Brendon, New Zealand.


  • Lawyer That Gets the Job Done Very Well and Fast.  “Couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to get the job done. Mack has gone above and beyond my expectations. I met Mack online as I was living in a different state (case was in Washington). We went back and forth via email mostly and was amazed by how quickly he responded to my emails. He took my case with great care to make sure everything was covered. In result, we settled and I am very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend Mack as he had handled my case as if it was his own personal issue. It was very comforting knowing Mack was on top of everything. I feel very fortunate to have come across a great lawyer like Mack and really appreciate all the hard work he’s put in to get my case resolved.”  – Irene, Salt Lake City, Utah


  • Settlement.  “Excellent service. I received an settlement for more than I had lost with a company, that did not provide the service I had paid for.”  – Sally, King County, Washington


  • Awesome Lawyer.  “My wife and I purchased a car early last year and didn’t find out until later on that year that the car had frame damage.  Mr. Mayo took on the case and made it right.  Always communicated everything that was going on.  Very quick response time.  Highly recommended.  A+ service.”  – ChrisCoeur d’Alene, Idaho


  • Great Attorney to Work With and Highly Skilled.  “I had a great experience working with Mack. He was very informative and kept in contact with me frequently about my case. He was extremely supportive during this sensitive time. He went to great lengths to ensure I was involved in my case every step of the way. I would highly recommend him and his legal team.”  Jody, Spokane Valley, Washington


Past results are not indicative or a guarantee of future results.  All results are case specific.  If you would like to speak with us regarding your defective car, truck, trailer, RV, or boat, feel free to contact us by calling (509) 381-5091, e-mailing us at mack@bmayolaw.com, or using our secure contact form.